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3d print skirt effect

Asked by: Peter 223 views Hardware July 3, 2018

3d print skirt effect

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    One way to prevent curling is to add a skirt!

    To solve the problem, you must first know the root cause of the problem. Why do you always curl up during the printing process?

    The main reason is the thermal expansion and contraction of plastics. The plastic extruded from the nozzle will shrink during the cooling process, causing the edges or both ends of the model to be lifted off and separated from the platform. Especially ABS, it is easier to warp than PLA.

    When the bottom of the model is not large, the effect of shrinkage is not obvious. However, when the area is large, the contraction per unit area is accumulated, and the inwardly generated tensile force becomes quite strong, causing the edge to rise.

    The following is a tested solution. Everyone will try to know that it is more suitable for you.

    1 widening the first layer line width

    The wider the line width, the more material is extruded from the extrusion hole, and the more the plastic and printing platform will squeeze. Strong. This can increase the adhesion of the model to the platform, thereby reducing the condition of the edge.

    2The first layer does not open the fan (for the creator series and the Dreamer series)

    The fan blows the model to accelerate the cooling. If the printed model is small, it will start printing if it is too cool. The next layer, it is easy to overheat, causing the model to deform, so generally need to blow to accelerate cooling. However, when printing a larger model, the fan blows the plastic to cool too quickly and shrink, causing the edges to lift.

    Therefore, when the model area is large, the first layer of printing may not open the fan, and then open the fan. Because the first layer prints for a long time, there is enough time for the plastic to cool, no fan can be used.

    3 Slow down the print speed

    If you find that your printer always has a curled edge, try lowering the print speed. Old bird experience, slowing down does help reduce curling.

    4Using a hot bed

    It is best to have a hot bed in the printer. If there is no hot bed, there is no way to use it. You can use various glues. Theoretically, the hot bed maintains a certain temperature, which can reduce the curling edge, but it cannot guarantee 100% non-warping.

    5Using a variety of glue

    glue can bring good adhesion and reduce the probability of curling. For example, PVP solid glue, various anti-warping glue, anti-warping film, textured paper and so on.

    6Improve the model

    Modify the shape of the bottom of the model, which can also reduce the curling edge, such as the edge of the model with the mouse ear, add Focus on.

    In addition, you can add a few more skirts when slicing, or simply use raft to increase the adhesion of the model.

    Scott- July 3, 2018 |