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C language array what is preventing stack overflow

Asked by: Christine 190 views IT March 7, 2019

For example;


int a[1000000]={0},b[1000000];//Prevent stack overflow 

int main(){

   int n,m,i,j,k=0;

    scanf("% d",&n);








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3 Answers

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    C language default does not prevent stack overflow function

    This is implemented by the compiler

    Some compilers have stack check and can also set stack size

    And your program, a is a global variable, it is generally allocated in the static area, independent of the stack

    Thomas Williams- March 7, 2019 |

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    C language array and The stack has a hair relationship

    Timothy- March 7, 2019 |

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    inc returns the address of the first element of the array a, that is, the pointer b is assigned the address of the first element of the array a, also points to the array a, and No new memory is allocated, and a and b point to the same array. If you need to allocate new memory, you can use malloc. b = (u8 *) malloc(8 * sizeof(u8)); // dynamically allocate 8 spaces of size u8

    Sharon Patel- March 7, 2019 |