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How to specify the graphics card to render the specified application?

Asked by: Thomas 193 views Software March 9, 2019

If the title is set in the NVIDIA driver, the motherboard is MSI X470 GAMING PRO motherboard, the two graphics cards are 2070 and 750ti respectively

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    Can’t specify If you want to save power, put two cards on it? ? ? In addition, the motherboard does not support the identification of two cards and different architectures. . Putting it directly on the 2070 is fine. Even if WIN10 forcibly supports dual-card operation, it doesn’t make sense. The 750ti runs at a low rate. . And can’t specify what you think is a notebook (the last sentence is if it is white or not, if it is not white, but playing DIY N for a long time can only be described with rich sand sculptures.)

    Paul Patel- March 9, 2019 |