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About AMD graphics card crossfire

Asked by: Dorothy 184 views Hardware March 9, 2019

Can a VEGA56 and a VEGA64 be mixed?

How is the exchange of VEGA64 dual card after the exchange of fire?

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    Can mix crossfire, generally vega56 is the main card, the effect….The running score is definitely high, the game depends on the support of the software, the support is high, the support is low, but the single card is better. , crossfire or sli is also this tone.

    Answer: The efficiency of crossfire is generally increased by 30%-80%. The recommended platform for crossfire is the platform of intel and the platform of amd ryzen thread ripper. The built-in pci-e of these cpus The number of channels is large (remember more than 40). Ordinary home platforms (i7 8700k or r7 2700x) have only 24 pci-e channels. When communicating, they can only reach x8+x8, not up to x16+x16, high-end graphics cards. There will be some losses.

    Answer: 56+64 mixed performance is definitely not as good as 64×2 crossfire, frequency, core specifications, etc. are different, no matter how to pay the basics are accelerated with the low one as the standard.

    Kathleen Carter- March 9, 2019 |

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    No, the graphics card crossfire is best with the same type of graphics card, because the core frequency of different models of graphics cards and memory frequency is not the same, so the system can not unify the hardware energy efficiency, the same type of A card crossfire After installation, it must also be “catalyzed” or it will not be able to exchange fire. There is also the support of the motherboard for the crossfire of the graphics card. The motherboard with low carrying capacity or not supporting crossfire will not work.

    Michelle Phillips- March 9, 2019 |

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    Can be as general


    Kevin James- March 9, 2019 |