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I sent the server IP to someone else to parse how to bind his domain name to my server space.

Asked by: Anderson 233 views Internet March 8, 2019

I sent the server IP to others for parsing. I have already parsed it. How do I bind this domain name to my server, so that my FTP can transfer things under this domain name. Open this domain name is uploaded by me.

2 Answers

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    He resolves your IP address and binds his domain name to the domain name of your FTP host.

    Question: How do you do this step, bind the domain name to Under the server

    Ronald- March 8, 2019 |

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    means to say that your own server lp is sent to others to let him parse the website to your server.

    Let him go to the domain name provider to resolve to your server. You can  

    Answer: Or use the pagoda software so you can parse the build

    Eric- March 8, 2019 |