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My notebook is a Dell G3. Before pressing F2, F3 is to adjust the volume. Now it is necessary to press Fn+F2, F3 is valid.

Asked by: Jose Cooper 211 views Computer March 10, 2019

I would like to ask this to be transferred back

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    Enter the BIOS when booting, and find the settings related to the function key Functional Key.

    Starting press f1 to start the system failure analysis and solution: 

    Computer fault description: It will be prompted every time you turn it on and you must press the shortcut key f1 before the computer can start normally. Reasons and solutions for the provision of secondary faults: 

    1, the battery on the motherboard is dead.

    Workaround: Change the motherboard battery.  

    2, you set the floppy drive to start, but your floppy drive has a problem.  

    Workaround: a. Press DEL to enter bios, start the boot sequence, and turn off the floppy drive.

     b, turn off the boot floppy detection function:

     Start the computer, and then press the [Del] key to enter the BIOS setup main interface; select the “Advanced BIOS Features” setting item. Press the Enter key to enter; set “Boot Up Floppy Seek” to “Disabled”, this will turn off the boot software detection function, and you do not need to press f1 to start later.

    Patricia Evans- March 10, 2019 |

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    There should be a fn function key plugin that can be debugged

    Angela Carter- March 10, 2019 |