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How to delete win7 account in pe

Asked by: Martin 241 views Computer March 13, 2019

I created a win7 administrator account in pe with "system user password recovery tool". Now after entering the main account, I can't delete that account. Someone told me that it was deleted in pe, how should I delete it? Just told me this. Dude, are you still...)

2 Answers

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    Directly format and reinstall the system

    Janet Adams- March 13, 2019 |

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    Do not delete in pe, enter the system administrator account, right click on the computer, click Manage, find local users and groups, find the account you want to delete, right click, click delete .

    Answer: If you are an administrator, it is recommended that administrator be the default account of the system (super administrator), which is larger than any administrator.
    He is not allowed to delete in the account management of the control panel, you can right-click on the computer ———local users and groups—-users—and then select administrators—-right click Delete it.
    However, it is recommended not to delete the super administrator’s account. It may be useful when the system fails. You can right-click on the property for the super administrator and check the disabled option. The next time you enter the system, it will not be displayed.

    Answer: pe can pass the start menu, the password tool will have XP logout function pattern tool (taken from the old peach, I am www.bigbaicai.com cabbage pe), open, locate The Windows directory allows you to manage your account.

    Question: Deleted in management is useless, tried

    Answer: Delete with pe, said above. Also, use administrative deletion to be in the administrator account.

    Question: It seems that only the password can be unlocked and changed. Where is the management account?

    Matthew Walker- March 14, 2019 |