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Convert WPS format to PPT format: two solutions

Asked by: Jackson 220 views Software March 12, 2019

Convert WPS format to PPT format: two solutions

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    Sometimes after editing the material in the WPS format file, it needs to be played in the PPT. If you re-enter it again, it will not be worth the loss. At this time, you need a better way to convert the WPS file into a PPT file, but directly convert it. Certainly not, here is the way to convert wps documents into ppt format for everyone, the two methods proposed are for your reference only!

    Method 1:

    1.     Use WPS Tools on your own computer to convert to WPS format files Open, click “wps demo” in the upper right corner of the software, select “Save As”. There will be a lot of formats here, we choose to save it in *.pptx format. (The PPT has both pptx and PPT formats)


    2.    After saving the format, the Save As dialog box is displayed. . Set the save location and save name of the file yourself, and then click “Save”. Because the format of Save As has been selected before, you don’t need to change the save format in the Save As dialog box, and finally save it.


    Method 2:

    1.    The operation in Method 1 is suitable for conversion of a small number of file formats. The efficiency is relatively low, and it is generally only suitable when the processing file is relatively small. Some people will ask if there is a simpler method if there are multiple files for colleagues to work with. In fact, for this problem, using the conversion tool can do a good job.

    2.    The premise of the conversion is that you need to install this tool on your computer. It will not be introduced here. Double-click to open the conversion tool, you can select [WPS Conversion] – [WPS Conversion PPT] on the page. Other functions here are not introduced, and you can understand it yourself.


    3.    The blank box on the right is the location to add the converted WPS file, click Add File and in the File box Find and click the WPS file, click “Open” to complete the operation of adding files.


    4.    Converting files can be customized by selecting [Browse] to save the path.


    5.    After the above steps are completed, click the [Start Conversion] or the play button after the file to complete the operation. .


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