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After win10 updates the system, the right mouse button to the new menu is moved to that, the special card, can not load

Asked by: Richard 204 views Software March 12, 2019

After win10, just after updating the system with 360, the right mouse button to the new menu was moved to that, and the special card was not loaded. The new one could not be used. I have used the online saying that deleting the registry is also invalid, solve, thank you

3 Answers

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    The W10 system is extremely unstable, the system does not need to be new, the system pursues compatibility and stability,

    Question: is 360 reminder update, and the previous system version Microsoft has not been

    Answer: You can only wait for the release of the Microsoft system patch,

    Jason Clark- March 12, 2019 |

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    Try to restore to the previous version, or use the system repair tool to fix it. I am also using 360 automatic update. No problems have arisen until now

    Question: The previous version of Microsoft has left no problem, I am even more. I saw a lot of people on the Internet are updated after the right to create a new Caton, and there is no specific way

    Marie- March 12, 2019 |

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    can uninstall the most recent patch.

    Question: Specifically What about the operation? Is this the reason for the patch?

    James- March 12, 2019 |