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Does the phone use a blue-light tempered film and adjust the color temperature to a cool color that will cause color blindness?

Asked by: Michael Anderson 219 views Phone & Tablet March 15, 2019

Use less than 6 hours a day

10 Answers

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    It won’t cause color blindness, but it may be myopia if you use your phone for too long or don’t pay attention to protect your eyes.

    Ryan Williams- March 15, 2019 |

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    Use less mobile phones, the font is small, it is not good for eyes, cervical vertebrae, lumbar vertebrae

    Janet James- March 16, 2019 |

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    Color blindness is congenital, color blindness is also from the womb If you come out, your statement is very unscientific.

    Karen Lewis- March 17, 2019 |

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    Injury to the eyes is affirmative, it is recommended to use less mobile phones

    Angela- March 17, 2019 |

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    There is no scientific argument to prove your statement

    Jerry- March 17, 2019 |

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    Will not. Use with confidence. Play your phone properly.

    Eric Hill- March 17, 2019 |

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    That will not only be myopia

    Janet- March 17, 2019 |

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    No, rest assured to use, don’t be too tired

    Michelle- March 17, 2019 |

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    No Yes, color blindness is born, only myopia

    Michelle- March 17, 2019 |

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    This will not lead to color blindness!

    Helen- March 17, 2019 |