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Computer PC repair

Asked by: Matthew Walker 260 views Computer March 18, 2019

After the computer is turned on, it is like this in the picture. It means that the PC needs to be repaired. If it is fixed, is there any data file in the computer? Is it necessary to back up the data first? How to backup? Please help us.

12 Answers

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    The C drive is not.

    It is recommended to get a U disk PE to back up important data first

    Henry King- March 18, 2019 |

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    This is a restore, the data in the system disk is gone after it is done

    The other things in the disk are still

    Question: How can I copy it out, can I copy and install the system, or go to the store for repair

    Answer: Make a U disk PE system, and then into the PE can copy the information needed in the original hard disk

    Diane Edwards- March 19, 2019 |

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    C disk information is gone. Others are okay

    Roger Taylor- March 19, 2019 |

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    Look at this picture, the cervical vertebrae are smashed

    Christopher Wilson- March 20, 2019 |

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    You only need to re-do the system, you can Disk has no effect

    Carol White- March 20, 2019 |

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    Reinstalling the system can be

    Jones- March 20, 2019 |

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    In addition to the C drive, the rest are fine~~~~~

    Margaret- March 20, 2019 |

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    As long as the C drive is not reinstalled, it will not be lost.

    Carter- March 20, 2019 |

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    This situation or reinstall the system, except for the system disk, the data of other disks will still be lost.

    Taylor- March 20, 2019 |

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    Back up important data first

    Linda Clark- March 20, 2019 |

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    This is still the best way to redo the system

    Christopher Cook- March 20, 2019 |

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    Enter rec Mode? I know that the mobile phone has this, and the laptop has it?

    Elizabeth Robinson- March 21, 2019 |