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Why odoo is called sap killer

Asked by: Virginia Brown 217 views IT March 23, 2019

Why is odoo called sap killer

2 Answers

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    (1) In terms of cost, the implementation period is short, which is different from the high cost of sap. The pricing of odoo is very reasonable for small and medium-sized enterprises.

    (2) Implementation cycle, for odoo and Inspur launched China’s localized pscloud to enable odoo out-of-the-box

    (3) In terms of post-maintenance, sap is expensive to maintain in the later stages of enterprise use, while odoo’s open source and easy Sexuality determines the easy maintenance of odoo reduces unnecessary expenses in the later stage of the enterprise. (4) Technical aspects odoo has advantages over SAP in architecture and development language

    Ronald- March 24, 2019 |

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    odoo offers more freedom and flexibility. Because it’s based on Python

    Stephanie James- March 24, 2019 |