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How do m*n data in a matrix generate a graph by row?

Asked by: Frank Green 243 views IT March 25, 2019

excel table, there are m*n data, you want to generate graphs by line to observe the law, is there a simple way to generate all the data by row?

Directly in excel or other software?

Or there are other ways to directly analyze the data to get the law?

1 Answers

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    There are two ways to do this:

    Transpose Matrix: B = A’;

    Common Method: The reshape() function

    is as follows:


    Description: reshape(A,m,n) represents a matrix that transforms matrix A into m rows and n columns, usually used for matrix shape changes, such as the following code Convert the original 1 row and 4 column matrix to a 2 row 2 column matrix:

    Richard Johnson- March 26, 2019 |