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Does the front end need to know PHP or JSP or Java? ? ?

Asked by: Mark Smith 229 views IT July 15, 2018

Does the front end need to know PHP or JSP or Java? ? ?

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    PHP is a server scripting language that interprets execution. First, php has simple and easy to use features. The grammar is similar to the c language, so programmers who have learned C can quickly become familiar with PHP development. And java needs to learn the syntax of java and familiar with some core libraries, and understand the object-oriented programming method. So Java is not as good as PHP. Java first compiles into a bytecode .class file and then interprets the execution on the java virtual machine. Java Web development is the easiest thing to think about is JSP (now JSP2.0). The original Java web development is implemented by servlet. Using servlet to develop requires programmers to embed a large number of Java source files. Html code. So later JSP appeared, JSP can be easily embedded into the html file, in fact, when the jsp file is executed on the server, it will be converted into a servlet by the application server, and then compiled and executed. JSP can generate powerful functionality through the support of servlets and JavaBeans. A JavaBean is a reusable, cross-platform software component. Using javabean can easily realize the separation of java code and html, and can enhance the system’s functions and software reusability. Java’s Web development belongs to the specification of J2EE defined by Sun. And in J2EE includes all aspects of java web development, such as: JSP, Servlet, JDBC, JNDI, JAVABEAN, EJB and so on. J2EE is especially suitable for large enterprise applications.

    Dorothy Robinson- July 15, 2018 |

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    The front end is html+css+ajax+javascript+ some popular page frames,

    Elizabeth Cook- July 16, 2018 |

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    is not, You are all behind the scenes

    The front end as long as html/ccs/js

    Note is JS (java script)

    Christopher Edwards- July 16, 2018 |