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When the phone is sleeping, it is placed on the bedside. Is it harmful to the human body?

Asked by: Catherine 231 views Phone & Tablet March 26, 2019

When the phone is on the bed while sleeping, is it harmful to the human body?

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    There is basically no harm, a little radiation, and the damage is very small.

    Donald Harrison- March 26, 2019 |

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    Basically has no effect

    Scott- March 26, 2019 |

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    With the development of technology, the penetration rate of mobile phones is getting higher and higher, almost reaching one person, and some people may still have Two or three, this is the trend of the times. Everyone does not leave their mobile phones every day. Even when they are working, the mobile phone must be in front of the eyes. The mobile phone becomes a necessity for life. It is because of this habit that many people develop the habit of staying up late, which is harmful to the body. The mobile phone itself has radiation, what effect does it have on the body?

    Everyone knows that the mobile phone has radiation, but what effect does it have on the body? What disease can it cause? Produced? Many people can’t say anything, that is, they feel that the mobile phone has radiation, which is very bad for the human body. Concerned about cancer, it may also be said to induce cancer? In the end, what effect does the mobile phone have on the human body? Or is cell phone radiation harmful to the human body?

    Mobile phone bedside Sleeping, will there be radiation?

    The operation of the mobile phone needs to receive electromagnetic waves, so the mobile phone is near itself with radiation, according to the distance The proximity of the mobile phone and the type of electromagnetic waves received by the mobile phone are different for the degree of radiation generated by the human body.

    When the mobile phone receives electromagnetic waves, there are two types, one is ionizing radiation and the other is non-ionizing radiation, which is for the body. The impact is different. Ionizing radiation has a great influence on the body. If it is in such a state of ionizing radiation for a long time, it has a great influence on the body, which may lead to the occurrence of some diseases, which may cause cancer.

    If it is non-ionizing radiation, the impact on the body is small, but it also has an effect on the body, so it is best not to put the phone when sleeping at night. On the bedside. The stronger the phone is, the stronger it will be when it is too close to the radiation.

    Mobile phones are more beneficial than people, so many people choose to ignore its drawbacks. This is not the right idea. Mobile phones should pay more attention to radiation. Putting the mobile phone on your side or on the body for a long time has an impact on your own body and can lead to various diseases.

    The phone does not leave, pay attention to these problems and find you

    Hearing affected


    When a lot of people answer the phone, they will call the phone to their ears, if the other party’s speech is loud, or if you adjust the phone yourself Putting the phone on your ear will actually have a certain impact on your hearing. It is a habit to do this for a long time, and hearing may decline.

    Dizziness and headache

    There are many electronic products in life that are radiated. Compared to other electrical appliances, the radiation of the mobile phone to the body is relatively small. Therefore, many people do not care about the radiation of the mobile phone. In fact, the radiation of the mobile phone has an impact on the body. The long-term mobile phone does not leave the hand, which may affect the brain and cause dizziness and headache. This is harmful to the body.

    Heart damaged

    Some people will hang their mobile phones on their chests, so that Can be very good to avoid forgetting to bring a mobile phone. In fact, this is more harmful to the body, placed on the chest, is closer to the heart, and thus has a certain impact on the heart. If you hang your phone on your chest for a long time, you may experience heart damage. This has a great impact on the body. It is recommended to get rid of this habit.

    The mobile phone has radiation to the human body. It is better to stay away from the mobile phone in daily life and to play less mobile phone. It is good for your health. If you pay attention, you may have these three situations mentioned above. Each one is bad for your health and you should pay more attention.

    William- March 26, 2019 |

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    Several unaffected Please know

    William Phillips- March 27, 2019 |

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    Impossible I decided to do it myself

    Brenda Mitchell- March 27, 2019 |

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    The effect is definitely there However, the degree of harm will not be large, or everyone will use the mobile phone every day

    Deborah Mitchell- March 27, 2019 |

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    There is radiation, it is recommended to put it far away

    Marie- March 27, 2019 |

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    Yes If it is turned on, it will have radiation.

    Linda- March 28, 2019 |

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    I am afraid to put the phone a little farther away.

    Marie Mitchell- March 28, 2019 |