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Excel, you input too many parameters for this function, how to solve

Asked by: Kimberly Edwards 211 views IT March 29, 2019

=IF(C2>=60,"pass ","failed",IF (C2>84,"excellent","pass "))

2 Answers

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    That’s because your formula is set incorrectly!

    According to your meaning, the formula should be changed to:

    =IF(C2>84,"excellent",IF(C2>=60,"pass ",&quot Failed "))

    The effect is as follows:

    Joyce Cook- March 29, 2019 |

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     Remove it, change        =IF(C2>=60,"pass ",IF(C2>84,"excellent","pass "))

    There is no prompt for “too many parameters”, but the result is incorrect.

    John Walker- March 29, 2019 |