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AE modify color

Asked by: Raymond Hughes 238 views IT April 1, 2019

This file tries a pure white PNG image. When changing to color operation in AE, the color has been changed. What is the reason?

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    Open AE.

    Click the menu bar [Edit] > [Preferences] > [Appearance] to bring up the General tab. (Or press the key combination [Ctrl+Alt+;] to call up the tab and then select [Appearance] on the left side of the tab)

    Mouse the mouse to the slider in the [Brightness Bar] and hold down the mouse. Drag the left button to change the color of the interface. The software is also equipped with a [default] button, which can be set to the brightness recommended by the software.

    After setting [Brightness], click OK in the tab.


    This method is based on the AE CC version. Other versions of the software can refer to the settings.  

    Amy Thompson- April 1, 2019 |