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What kind of foundation is needed to learn the code? What books are better for beginners to read, is it self-study and go to a special training class? (Is it difficult for junior high school students to learn the code?)

Asked by: Diane 205 views IT April 8, 2019

Addition: Online, etc., please help me to answer this. Thank you all

Addition: Trouble you to help a beginner to see what books are better online, etc.

2 Answers

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    You first go to the self-study website of the college students. There are many programming courses on it, which are professional. You will go to prepare this textbook for the course above. Then follow the lecture teacher to finish the course and it should be useful.

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    Matthew Roberts- April 8, 2019 |

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    I suggest you go to a professional institution to participate in the training.

    Question: Is there any book for me?
    Which institution is better?

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    Kenneth Davies- April 8, 2019 |