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What kind of graphics card does the 350W power supply have?

Asked by: Patel 262 views Hardware April 13, 2019

What kind of graphics card does the 350W power supply have?

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    If the rated power is 350W, then it is suitable to install the graphics card below 150W power consumption: second-hand 5750 ddr5 512M 200 yuan 1G to 260 yuan, power consumption 85W, recommended old computer to play medium-sized games, such as LOL\DOTA2\WOW The following are all new graphics cards, the performance is stronger than the above-mentioned second-hand 5750, new graphics cards below 450 yuan are not necessary to watch, there is no 5750 strong, the following graphics card sorting performance by low to high ranked Yeston Radium R6770-1024GD5 speed version 499 yuan, performance equivalent to 7750 power consumption 110W Dylan Hengjin HD7750 Cool + 1G DC version 599 yuan, power consumption 70Wgtx650 GALAXY, colorful and 700 yuan power consumption 65W Dylan Hengjin HD7770 Cool + 1G DC 699 yuan power consumption 80W fine shadow 6850 ddr5 1G 599 yuan power consumption 120W, write this online there are new, you can also see the Onda Aegis 599 yuan Yingzhong GTX650Ti game Extreme Edition 799 yuan power consumption 90W MSI R7850 HAWK 1GD5 999 yuan Power consumption 125W

    Smith- April 13, 2019 |

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    As long as the power supply has no virtual standard , It is not a problem with RTX2060

    Sharon- April 13, 2019 |

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    GTX650 below level graphics can be

    Brian Wood- April 13, 2019 |

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    There is no problem with general use

    Kevin- April 13, 2019 |

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    It is best to use integrated graphics

    Rebecca- April 14, 2019 |

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    350 watts as long as the motherboard supports the current 1050ti and below can be

    Donna- April 14, 2019 |

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    CPU model to be sent to see, only to know what graphics card is appropriate.

    Dennis Thompson- April 15, 2019 |

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    The graphics card needs to be selected according to the overall configuration, rather than simply looking at the power of the power supply. If you simply say that the 350W power supply can be on the graphics card. There are too many choices.

    The best graphics card that can be satisfied, GTX750ti GTX950 GTX960  gtx1050ti

    Note : GTX1050TI full load power consumption is less than 110W, 350W power supply is enough, and does not need 500W.

    Answer: What is the age of the other answer, HD6770 GTX650 is a new graphics card? Copying should also be a brain, and the answer five years ago was copied directly.

    Kimberly Jones- April 15, 2019 |