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How to obtain data transmission to the mobile phone or server through Bluetooth networking?

Asked by: Ryan King 236 views Hardware April 14, 2019

For example, you need to get the temperature and humidity of the whole building. Set a certain Bluetooth module to get the temperature and humidity of the corresponding point.

Want to set up Bluetooth networking, set a Bluetooth as the data receiving end on each layer, and send the sender to the mobile phone

The mobile phone sends the data to the server

2 Answers

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    It can be considered to be realized by the Bluetooth Mesh module. It is the same as the Bluetooth Mesh light control principle. You can control any one or a group of Mesh networks by connecting to any temperature and humidity collector of the built-in Bluetooth module in the Mesh network. Temperature and humidity collector.

    Jason Edwards- April 14, 2019 |

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    There is no GPRS wireless temperature and humidity recorder, what Bluetooth?

    Question: Because this is just one of the features, since Bluetooth is already laid out, it has this feature, just build the network for transmission. No need to add devices anymore

    Amanda Morgan- April 14, 2019 |