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How to download Sentinel-2 data on Amazon Cloud

Asked by: Stephen Green 262 views Internet April 19, 2019

How to download Sentinel-2 data on Amazon Cloud

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    1. Producing good data products:

     Sentinel-2 data products can be downloaded from Amazon Cloud (AWS3) service (data is available for anyone to use via Amazon S3.)

    The AWS service address is: http://sentinel-pds.s3-website.eu-central-1.amazonaws.com/

    2. Raw Data Products

    A Slovenian company has developed a python package that automatically downloads Sentinel-2 raw data: Sentinel Hub Tools.

    This package automatically downloads Sentinel-2 data and organizes it into a .safe format.

                                                                          Figure 1. Sentinel-2 Data Format

    Users can download the corresponding tile data by setting the product ID, name or date.

    Sentinel Hub Tools can be obtained at: https://github.com/sentinel-hub/sentinelhub-py

    This package requires Python version >= 3.5 and C is installed /C++ compiler.

    The package has been indexed by pip, so you can also use pip to install the package, but the speed is slower, and the opencv installation that you have relied on is slow.

    $ pip install sentinelhub –upgrade
    $ python setup.py build
    $ python setup.py install

    Manual installation:

    Download the source code from GitHub and compile and install it:

    $ python setup.py build
    $ python setup.py install

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    author: Zhou trees
    source: CSDN
    original: https: //blog.csdn.net/giskekezhou/article/details/80107057
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