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I want to choose an Intel X/XE processor for daily use.

Asked by: Christine Wood 187 views Hardware April 20, 2019

Playing games and cutting videos at no other time

3 Answers

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    The X/XE processor is not a server processor. It is a Core X series processor, such as i9-9980XE i9-7980XE i9-9900X and so on.

    Back to the question, this question can’t be answered, the Core X series are top-level processors, the performance is very strong, even if you choose the cheapest piece can satisfy you Requirements.

    So, which one to choose depends on your budget.

    Play games, eat CPU frequency, it is recommended to choose 12 core 24 thread 3.5GHz i9-9920X (if rich local tyrant, i9-9980XE is your only choice)

    Question: 9980XE uses the architecture of the 6th generation processor is not the use of hedt no problem?

    Answer: intel’s toothpaste works, although the evaluation of the spit, but now this The strongest. If you have money and don’t care about money, you can go to this.
    If you don’t say X XE, I9-9900K is a good choice in the regular. Taking into account regular video clips and games, if you really want to do a large CG, neither of these Us will work.

    Jason Davies- April 20, 2019 |

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    Every day you can consider 9900X, now in the best

    Campbell- April 21, 2019 |

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    select Intel’s eight or nine generation i7, X/XE is the server CPU, play the game No.

    Patrick- April 21, 2019 |