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The excel column is evaluated downward, and the data is not automatically accumulated when it is zero.

Asked by: David 199 views IT April 20, 2019

Addition: The “cumulative integral” formula is “upper grid” + “peer monthly score”, and the monthly score “0” is 0 for quoted empty data. How to make the monthly score have no data, the accumulated score is not calculated, or displayed for"". Thank you.

2 Answers

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    Figure effect:

    C3 cell input formula:

    =IF(A3=0,"",$C$2+SUM($A$3:$ A3))

    Pull down formula

    Allen- April 20, 2019 |

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    cumulative integral” formula is “upper” + “peer monthly score”
    Your solution to this problem brings no The necessary trouble. Change your mind: =sum(A$2:A2).

    Answer: But the A2 and B2 cells in your table are all horizontal bars, I don’t know why C2 is 1.

    Mark- April 21, 2019 |