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How to debug high definition audio manager

Asked by: Daniel Thomas 211 views Hardware April 26, 2019

How to debug high definition audio manager

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    The ealtek high-definition audio manager needs to be adjusted according to your needs, such as setting up the headset and debugging to the microphone. The specific steps are as follows:

    1. Open the control panel on the win7 system. View it as a small icon and click on the Realtek HD Audio Manager, as shown below:

    2. After entering the Realtek HD Audio Manager, you can see the main pair. Set the speaker and microphone. First set the speaker. The main volume of the speaker can be set to balance. The volume and hearing protection are set as required. In the speaker configuration, set to stereo, check the left front and right front, as shown below:

    3. Set the sound effect of the speaker. First set the environment, generally set to room, check the loudness balance, set the equalizer to none, do not select live, pop music, etc., as shown below Shown:

    4. Set the default format of the speaker. The default format can be set to 24 bits, 96000Hz (professional studio sound quality), which will have better sound quality. The performance of the computer will not cause a big load. The following figure shows:

    5. Set the effect of the microphone. First, you can set the recording volume of the microphone, set it to balance, check the echo cancellation below, noise suppression, You can choose whether or not the microphone is as shown below:

    6. Set the default format of the microphone to 16-bit, 96000Hz (professional studio sound quality), click OK to complete the setting. ,


    Roberts- April 26, 2019 |

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    1, first enter the “control panel” of the computer–click “Realtek high-definition audio configuration” here Set up the realtek high definition audio manager.

    2, select “Mixer”, and then set the option to be turned on, and set it to the on state. The middle ” < >” is available for lookup selection. Adjust the volume of playback and recording to the maximum, stereo reverb fork selection, adjust the small wrench under “Replay and Record” to cancel “Multi-channel playback”.
    If it is a computer in an Internet cafe, you can choose it as follows: Select “Mixer” and set “Front pink in” and “Rear Pink in” to mute.

    3. Disable the setting method of the front panel jack:
    Enter the Realtek high definition audio configuration and select “Audio I/ O” and click “Wrench icon” on the upper right of the management panel, first select it in the pop-up interface. “When the front earphone is inserted, turn off the rear panel output”, then check “Disable front panel jack detection”, and finally remove “When the device is plugged in, open the automatic pop-up dialog box” and click the “OK” button to confirm.

    4. How to release the volume of the HD sound card:
    Enter the Realtek high-definition audio configuration and select “Audio I/ O”, change “2CH speaker” to “8CH speaker”. This can solve the problem of small sound in the game.

    5. Open “Sound and Audio Devices” in the Control Panel, select “Audio”, and then set the correct I/O device.

    6, UT and MIC volume in QQ are unresolvable solutions:
    a. First online search It is not possible to adjust the patch by typing on the HD sound card.
    b. Control Panel – Sound and Audio Settings – Advanced – Popup Master Volume Dialog Box
    (Select Audio output) – Options – Advanced Control – Click to check
    (Select Audio output) – Options – Properties – Rear pink in (The microphone should be inserted in the pink socket on the rear panel, and the front panel should be set to Front pink in) – OK (click the advanced option to highlight the microphone enhancement)
    (Select Audio input) – Adjust the recording control Maximum Sound – Tick Stereo Mixing

    Diane Cook- April 26, 2019 |

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    After you need to configure a high-quality audio output device to have an effect

    Thomas Clarke- April 26, 2019 |

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    Requires special volume adjustment software

    Patricia Scott- April 27, 2019 |