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Why do one eye hurt when playing computer games?

Asked by: John James 185 views Phone & Tablet April 29, 2019

The right eye hurts, the left eye has no discomfort, the right eye is a little painful, always like this, there is no problem at other times

21 Answers

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    Common in eye fatigue      You can usually do eye exercises, use Runshu eye drops or cherish eye drops. Oral Qiju Dihuang Wan. Or under the guidance of local Chinese medicine practitioners Chinese medicine conditioning. Also available

    The following schemes for food supplement:       

    1. Tonic principle        

    Breakfast should be adequately nutritious to ensure strong energy; Chinese food can eat more protein-rich foods such as lean pork, beef, lamb, animal offal, etc.; dinner should be light Eat more foods with high vitamin content, such as a variety of fresh vegetables, and eat some fresh fruits after meals.        

    2. Diet plan       

    Also pay attention to eating foods rich in vitamin A, carotene and vitamin B2; at the same time, use high-phospholipid foods to brain, Such as egg yolk, fish, shrimp, walnuts, peanuts, etc.; also consciously choose foods that protect the eyes, such as eggs, animal liver, kidney, carrot, spinach, millet, Chinese cabbage, tomato, day lily, spinach,枸杞. 

    Barbara Wood- April 29, 2019 |

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    With excessive eye, should rest

    Helen- April 29, 2019 |

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    With eye fatigue, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination. After all, the eyes are their own, sloppy, ask questions here. This type of problem is not appropriate! !

    Cynthia Clark- April 29, 2019 |

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    The time spent playing is too long.

    Williams- April 30, 2019 |

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    Excessive fatigue in the right eye, buy some tired eye drops, every day when you sleep, drop a drop

    Davies- April 30, 2019 |

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    Maybe you have some wrong postures, Or it may be that your right eye is slightly more healthy, and this depends on the medical certificate.

    Henry Martin- April 30, 2019 |

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    Use your eyes for 15 minutes to rest for 5 minutes

    Karen Wright- April 30, 2019 |

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    Use your eyes too much fatigue

    Linda Robinson- April 30, 2019 |

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    Look at the best computer or mobile phone Stop for 20 minutes and watch your eyes or green plants relax your eyes.

    Elizabeth- May 1, 2019 |

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    Of course of eye fatigue will be uncomfortable, usually pay more attention to let your eyes rest.

    Stephanie Hall- May 1, 2019 |

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    1, eye fatigue on the Internet is caused by excessive concentration of eyes, resulting in fewer blinks and hypoxia. If you go online or play games for too long, the computer’s screen flash and radiation will also cause vision fatigue.
    2, the working posture is too close to the working distance or the posture is incorrect. It is too close to the computer screen and is more susceptible to radiation damage. There is no glare in the range of 50 cm to 70 cm around the eyes. s position.
    3, let the eyes rest every 15 minutes, look at the distance, do a few deep breaths, so that you can relax the eye muscles.

    Mark Moore- May 2, 2019 |

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    Fatigue with eyes

    Dorothy Martin- May 3, 2019 |

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    This is eye fatigue, pay more attention to the time spent using the computer.

    Frances Scott- May 3, 2019 |

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    Eye fatigue needs rest; it is recommended to go to the hospital to prevent inflammation and bacterial infection!

    Michelle Clark- May 3, 2019 |

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    This situation is still more reliable to consult a doctor

    Brenda Thomas- May 4, 2019 |

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    It is estimated that your right eye is the main eye, this is the eye with excessive eyes Caused by fatigue, go to the hospital to check the fundus, do not play mobile phones for a few days off.

    William Harris- May 4, 2019 |

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    It doesn’t take long for another eye to hurt,

    Steven Adams- May 4, 2019 |

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    Excessive use of the eye causes eye fatigue damage, left eye does not hurt It does not mean nothing, it is best to go to the hospital for an inspection.

    Laura- May 4, 2019 |

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    This means that your eyes are tired and you need to rest

    Arthur- May 4, 2019 |

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    It’s been too long to play the computer away from the computer keep healthy

    Stephanie Campbell- May 4, 2019 |

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    The importance of the eye is self-evident. In this case, you still ask the doctor the most reliable. We have given the most experience or information to move, not precisely targeted. Don’t delay, see a doctor early, no problem is better, if you have any problems, take timely measures to treat them well.

    Sharon Edwards- May 5, 2019 |