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AE plug-in E3D installation error

Asked by: Donna 224 views Software May 3, 2019

Have tried ae2015 2017 2018 2019 version have tried, e3D version tried 2.2.2 and 2.0 version are saved, the graphics card driver installs the latest version, and also installed on the official website of 2018 different date and the same version of the driver does not work, the graphics card is Gtx1080 1 Figure 2 is the error, the graphics card in Figure 3 is normal, suspected that the 3D option is not open, the NVIDIA panel in the control panel of Figure 3 can not be opened, has been solved with the method of Figure 4, or not

Addition: when reinstalling the plugin, all Delete clean, E3D English version, Chinese Chinese version are reported error

1 Answers

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    1. Open 360 Security Guardian–Find the function of the full-click drive driver.

    2. Run the driver master to select the graphics driver update option, restart after the update is complete.

    Jennifer Harris- May 3, 2019 |