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CPU usage problem

Asked by: Michelle Williams 180 views Hardware May 3, 2019

My configuration i5 7300hq 8GB 1050ti, I don't know why, now I open the game and the like, the CPU is basically in full state, you can view the task manager, the game only takes up more than 60%, the rest is not displayed, but the CPU is also Really loaded, how to solve this problem? CPU 20% is occupied by air, it is really annoying

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    High CPU resource usage can cause the computer to run slower. If this happens occasionally and it recovers quickly, it is normal.
    However, if there is a problem with long-term high, many people will think of poisoning in the first place. After upgrading the anti-virus software and anti-virus, and eliminating the cause of the virus, if the CPU resource occupancy rate is still high, many people do not know what to do.
    The first time I think of a virus is normal. After all, this is a typical symptom after a virus infection, but it does not mean that there must be a virus. If you exclude the cause of the virus, I suggest starting with the process, check in the task manager which process is taking up a lot of CPU resources, remember the process name, go online and search for other people’s description of the process, so You can use the successful experience of others to analyze and deal with the faults you have encountered.
    It should be noted that some system processes may also be exploited by viruses, such as SVCHOST.EXE, which is a very important process in the system, and some services need this process support. Due to the particularity, many viruses and Trojans also use it in every possible way. If you find that the resource usage of this process is not normal, then you should pay attention. You can search SVCHOST.EXE and see if there is any other file except the SYSTEM32 folder, and if so, delete it completely. The best thing is to use anti-virus software to kill the virus in safe mode.
    In addition to the system process, many software now have self-starting programs. If you don’t pay much attention to it, there are more and more self-starting programs. When you start the computer, the system will not be enough, causing the system to die. It is recommended to open the “System Configuration Utility”, often check the “Startup” tab, cancel some unnecessary startup items.
    There are also too many real-time monitoring programs installed on the computer to cause this phenomenon. The most common are real-time monitoring programs for various anti-virus software and automatic upgrade programs for various software, as well as automatic mail detection programs and scheduled tasks. At this point, you can cancel the real-time monitoring function of some less useful software, or shorten the frequency of real-time monitoring.
    What needs to be mentioned is that some new users are too worried about computer security, so they installed a lot of anti-virus software, and thought that such a computer is like a “bronze wall.” In fact, this not only takes up a lot of system resources, but also often causes conflicts between anti-virus software. In fact, under normal circumstances, you can install an anti-virus software.
    Most CPU resource occupancy rates are related to software or settings. When encountering similar problems, first determine which software is causing the problem, and then analyze the specific solution.
    If too many plugins are loaded in the browser, CPU usage may be high. The solution is to disable and uninstall unused plugins. Although Windows XP SP2 has the function of disabling the plugin, but does not completely uninstall the plugin function, it is recommended that you use the IE plugin management expert (Upiea) to help (download address: http: //www.skycn.com/soft/21205.html) It not only has the function of shielding, but also has the function of professional uninstallation.
    Always be careful when surfing the Internet, avoid being forced to install a lot of inexplicable plug-ins (using Upiea’s plug-in blocking feature to prevent this from happening), if the plug-in is too many, it may even cause the browser to not work properly.
    When disabling the plugin, if you don’t know which one to disable, Mr. Dong’s suggestion to everyone is: first disable all, then browse the webpage, and then analyze which plugin needs to be enabled when it finds something abnormal. It can be said that most of the plugins are optional.
    There is also a common phenomenon. When QQ video, voice chat, and downloading software that supports multi-threading are used to download large files for a long time, there may be a problem of large CPU resource usage. I generally solve this by reducing the priority of the web application process, reducing the number of download threads, and the number of downloaded items in the task manager process list. If you are using BT software, you can also solve the problem of excessive CPU usage by limiting the number of connected users, uploading and downloading.
    However, some problems are a bit strange, I have encountered users to maintain the computer. For example, some users may cause excessive CPU resources after installing a certain hardware driver, especially the graphics card driver. This is caused by the driver being incomplete or incompatible with the system. In this case, replace the correct driver. The program can solve the problem.
    In addition, if the CPU temperature is too high, especially in the hot summer, it is also very likely to cause the CPU resource occupancy rate is too high and the crash occurs. On the one hand, the fan may be broken. On the other hand, it may be overclocking and the hot weather caused the CPU temperature to be too high. In this case, the fan needs to be replaced or not overclocked. The purpose is to restore the CPU temperature to normal.

    Pamela- May 4, 2019 |

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    Do you think it is poisoned? You may be a Trojan that is mining, and it is recommended to kill it with anti-virus software.

    Thomas Wilson- May 5, 2019 |

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    Playing games may be like this! Don’t care!

    Amanda- May 5, 2019 |

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    Playing Games This is what it is!

    Robert Campbell- May 5, 2019 |

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    If you say that a high-end sports car on the country road, you think how fast you can open

    Matthew Clark- May 6, 2019 |

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    Using Master Lu can release the CPU share. OK.

    Kenneth Roberts- May 6, 2019 |

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    Antivirus cleanup junk files

    Angela Moore- May 6, 2019 |

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    Turn off some programs.

    Jerry Lewis- May 6, 2019 |

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    i5 7th generation CPU can not afford 1050Ti?

    Answer: Not fast enough

    Wright- May 6, 2019 |