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U disk is not displayed after being inserted into the computer

Asked by: Taylor 248 views Computer May 3, 2019

After the U disk is inserted into the computer, the computer does not prompt 360 to scan the U disk. There is no U disk drive letter in my computer. In the computer management view storage, in the disk management, the removable disk is displayed as offline. Ask God to advise, how to deal with it.

The USB drive can be inserted into another computer to display the drive letter normally.

14 Answers

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    Right-click on the arrow and click “Online”

    Lee- May 3, 2019 |

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    Try changing your computer  First remove the problem of the USB flash drive  Then there is the problem with your computer interface  It may be related to the motherboard driver

    Henry Wright- May 3, 2019 |

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    Select to uninstall the driver, after uninstalling, then re-insert the USB flash drive In the computer, you can let the computer re-recognize the USB flash drive.

    Amy James- May 3, 2019 |

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    Board driver and USB driver update

    Christine Watson- May 3, 2019 |

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    There is a problem with the socket

    Deborah Thomas- May 3, 2019 |

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    Installing the latest USB driver

    Susan- May 3, 2019 |

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    Try another computer, or throw it

    Carolyn Wright- May 3, 2019 |

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    Try to change the USB interface first.

    Allen- May 3, 2019 |

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    Try another interface, if it is not recognized, it should be a USB disk damaged.

    Larry Clarke- May 3, 2019 |

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    In the disk management, right click on your U disk, then select online, you can’t see it. It may be that the drive letter of the USB flash drive conflicts with other disks.

    Betty Roberts- May 3, 2019 |

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    Is it silly and dirty in the U disk jack?

    Wilson- May 3, 2019 |

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    Change a few mouths and try several times sometimes it is slow

    Sarah Adams- May 3, 2019 |

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    Change to USB interface try

    Question: All changed, not

    Answer: It is also possible to change other computers.

    Harold Hughes- May 3, 2019 |

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    Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port of the computer and find that it is not displayed on the computer after it is inserted. In the case of ensuring that the USB flash drive and the USB interface of the computer are no problem; find the computer icon on the desktop. Then right click on the mouse and click on the Device Manager option in the page that appears. Then find the USB Universal Serial Bus Controller option in the open page. Then click on it, after clicking it, you will see an option for USB mass storage settings, then select it, right click and click on the Enable option in the menu that appears. Once enabled, back to the desktop, you can see the U disk is displayed.

    Question: In the Device Manager, the USB mass storage device is turned on. ! And the USB port on the computer, all changed, not.

    Brian Wright- May 3, 2019 |