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Apple ipadA1416 instructions

Asked by: Jennifer Evans 219 views Software May 6, 2019

Apple ipadA1416 instructions

2 Answers

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    All personal intelligence electronic products (computers, mobile phones, PADs) are not used.

    There is only a user manual, which is only the parameters of the product

    Because its use Related to software, such as ipad is IOS software, and the use of this software manufacturers will be available on the website (because it will be constantly updated), you can download and view it yourself (in fact, few people study this manual, because the basic functions are not Look at the manuals that most people will use, and the skills are their own experiments or others taught)

    Harold Green- May 6, 2019 |

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    Looking for someone who will use it, This is not accompanied by instructions for use.

    Pamela Adams- May 7, 2019 |