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Huawei notebook matebook14mx250 how to pass photos

Asked by: George 171 views Computer May 22, 2019

How to transfer photos of Huawei notebook matebook14mx250

Addition: How to transfer photos of Huawei notebook matebook14mx250

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    Pro, if your mobile phone is also a Huawei mobile phone, you can use the HUAWEI Share function to achieve file transfer. The speed is very fast and the usage is as follows:

            Use HUAWEI Share 3.0, you need to connect first, the connection method is very simple, the mobile phone NFC area touches the notebook’s Huawei Share tab, and the “touch one touch” point confirms the connection is successful. Please note that the mobile phone NFC area touches the notebook Huawei. Share tags need to keep the phone prompts sound or vibration,

            want to transfer the phone picture to the computer, first open the phone gallery Select a single picture or multiple photos, the Huawei Share tab of the NFC area on the back of the phone, touch the notebook, and click “Touch” to complete, according to the actual measurement, Huawei MateBook 13 and Huawei/Glory mobile phone, through HUAWEI Share 3.0 The function can realize fast wireless transmission of 30MB/s, transfer 1000 photos in mobile phone to Huawei MateBook 13 in just 2 minutes,


            In addition to passing pictures to the computer The mobile phone can also transmit video, select a video, and also “touch and touch”. The video in the mobile phone will be miraculously transmitted to the desktop of the computer to open, and according to the actual measurement and transmission of a 2GB 1080P video file, only 70 Seconds,


           It’s very easy to transfer pictures or screenshots of your computer to your phone, just open the computer image, still It is “touch one touch”, when the NFC area of ​​the mobile phone touches the HUAWEI Share label on the lower right side of the computer palm rest, “嗖”, you can see this picture on the mobile phone, and HUAWEI Share 3.0 “一碰传” Perfectly taking into account the advantages of NFC near-field transmission and high bandwidth of WLAN network, it is faster than traditional data items and U disk transmission,


            In addition to fast data transfer, HUAWEI Share 3.0 can also help to transfer pictures to the computer for text recognition. The method is to open a picture on the mobile phone, “touch one touch” to the computer, click on the upper left corner “identify picture Chinese” Word” button to get the text status of the text, directly Copy and paste in one step, save a lot of unnecessary trouble,

    You refer to it,,,

    Answer: Other The brand’s mobile phone, it is recommended to log in to WeChat or QQ at the same time, use the file transfer assistant or my device to transfer,
    In addition, you can upload the image to the network disk, and then download it to the computer local. Ha, you refer to it, ,,

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    There is a data cable to transfer photos through the computer, no data cable Through QQ, WeChat to each other to the computer.

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    When there is wifi, it is recommended to use Baidu cloud disk or directly connect to the computer with data cable to upload! Or clarify your problem specific analysis!

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    Plug in data line transmission

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    With synchronization software or QQ, WeChat, etc., can also be connected with data cable

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    Most Simple is QQ or WeChat.

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    You can use the cloud disk to transfer photos

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    In addition to USB connection, you can also turn on Bluetooth transmission

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    Open the USB debugging of the mobile phone, select to transfer files and photos, and then transfer it with a third-party mobile assistant.

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