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Js code in the escape character \b no effect how it happened

Asked by: Rebecca 224 views IT May 24, 2019


Every space between the browser pop-ups, what's going on

3 Answers

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    The space of the HTML language cannot be used with TAB or SPACE

    It has a special definition

    If the space is



    HTML special characters do not include TAB. TAB should also be used to indicate . but only works inside tags like <PRE>…</PRE>.  Other places are only equivalent to one space. This is not the same as  

    Answer: I am dizzy, my space is (converted (

    saber- May 22, 2019 |

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    var url = ‘\a’;function view(url){alert(url)};console.debug(view(url));==========http:// Hi.baidu.com/7shaolin/blog/item/4876a0f87c438716d9f9fd38.html ‘\’ is an escape character flag indicating that it uses single quotation marks and backslashes in the ‘\\’ character constant and double quotes and inverses in character constants. When slashes, they must be represented by an escape character, that is, a backslash is added before these characters.

    saber- May 22, 2019 |

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    "&nbsp"is a commonly used code for web page editing, indicating spaces

    saber- May 22, 2019 |