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Excel table how to set different pages to filter the same content

Asked by: Margaret 205 views Software May 24, 2019

   Tables with different pages, I want to filter out the mixed fills

For example, how to set this up, this is not my setting, I want to learn to use it in other forms

1 Answers

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    Place two worksheets in a single window, as shown: sheet1 is for all students, and sheet2 is the name of a class.

    In the blank line of sheet1 corresponding to the same name, enter =if(countif())

    Then switch to sheet2, select all the names and press

    to switch to sheet1, then this function becomes =if(countif (Sheet2!A1:A44))

    Note: In this step, you must add the symbol before the letter (here A) and the number (here 1 and 44). $,=if(countif(Sheet2!$A$1:$A$44))


    Finally, add the function =if(countif(Sheet2!$A$1) :$A$44,A2),"S","F"), after the input is completed, press Enter. The one shown as S is the student of this class. If it is displayed as F, it is not. Then pull the fill from this line and all the students can be screened.

    saber- May 24, 2019 |