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Which is better than RX580 and GTX1660 6G?

Asked by: Ruth Young 241 views Hardware May 25, 2019

I just bought ASUS RX580 8G and found that GTX 1660 has been released in recent months. Emmm wants to know that I have lost money. Is RX590 better than GTX 1660Ti? Finally, I have a question about whether I am knowledgeable. , my memory stick, hard drive, power supply has not been bought. Is there any recommendation?

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    580 is 1060, 1660 is slightly stronger than 580.

    580 is cheaper and has 2g more memory.

    First of all, the product configuration of different companies is different. It is necessary to check the actual parameters of a certain product to decide. Then compare the configuration according to the requirements. So you can’t just compare the discussion.

    Compared with the rx580 8g image processing in the A card is better, the 3D software drawing office with the former, the N card gtx1660 game compatibility is better, the image rendering ability is strong, entertainment considerations Use N card.

    660 with ray tracing. Power consumption is also lower than 580. So the overall is still 1660, whether it is power consumption or performance.

    saber- May 25, 2019 |

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    RX580, RX590 performance is worse than GTX1660, the gap is not big, from the perspective of cost performance can not talk about the loss, the memory bar according to the type of motherboard requirements, at least 8G, preferably 16G The hard disk is equipped with a solid-state hard disk according to your own needs. The last power supply, please do not save money. Choose a well-known brand with a rated power of more than 500W.

    saber- May 25, 2019 |

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    When you buy it, use it very well, rx580 The price is cheaper, the performance is lower than 1660 lower, but the game is not too many frames, the loss is not enough; rx590&nbsp Performance and 1660 similar, weaker than 1660ti , the price is also lower, and the gtx  series has no real light chase, rtx  series only, gtx  series of optical chasing is pseudo-light chasing under driving simulation , will greatly reduce the number of frames, the effect is not as good as rtx  series of light chasing so clear, compared to the performance of the chicken ribs (new drive gtx 1070  and so can also be chased with pseudo-light), 1650, 1660, 1660ti  Old Huang cut a few knives for clear inventory, the new product is still rtx 2060  the above is counted, you do not have to tangled.

    Memory to see your motherboard, motherboard support memory to buy, preferably 16g or more, now the new game to eat graphics card also eat memory; hard disk to see your motherboard interface and budget, system disk if the motherboard has nvme  interface Just buy a 256g, 500g  nvme  interface SSD (Samsung, intel, Western Digital, SanDisk, Plextor), fast, if there is no nvme  interface to buy sata  mouth 480g, 500g, 1t  solid state, now the price is good, like Toshiba’s 480g, Western Digital’s 500g, 1t  the price is good, the performance is also good, is a cost-effective product; the power to see your hardware, rx580  graphics card generally recommend you buy a 550w Gold card power supply, the power supply is not easy to be damaged, the power supply is not too expensive.

    Question: Motherboard ASUS TUF-b360m plus GAMING S

    Answer: b360 motherboard supports up to ddr4 2666 frequency memory, buy 16g d4 2666 memory on the line; motherboard supports nvme solid state, You can buy a solid state drive according to the budget at hand, like the intel 660p 512g m.2 (nvme) solid state price of less than 500 yuan, installed system games should be enough, plus a 1t, 2t mechanical hard disk for download and storage The disk is on the line; the power supply makes a cool cold MWE550 gold 550w bar, although the mwe series is generally used, but the price of 399 yuan is not bad.

    saber- May 25, 2019 |

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    GTX1660 performance is slightly better than RX590 and RX580.

    saber- May 25, 2019 |

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    Memory, hard drive, power supply, need to match your other accessories, can not be directly recommended.

    saber- May 25, 2019 |

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    Value for 580 is good  It is better to buy 1066

    saber- May 25, 2019 |

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    According to comparison

    580 performance Below 1660, 1660Ti is better than 590

    I hope to help you

    Let’s adopt

    Thank you

    saber- May 25, 2019 |