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Who knows that there is a fifth-order Rubik’s cube software?

Asked by: Donna Scott 176 views Software July 17, 2018

is the real cube

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    The fifth-order Rubik’s cube is generally reduced by the “reduced order method”, that is, the fifth-order cube is “reduced” to become the third-order cube, and then the third-order cube is restored. Therefore, to restore the fifth-order cube, you must first have the basis of the third-order cube.

    The fifth-order cube “reduction method” is reduced to three stages:

    The first stage: restore the center block.

    Second stage: merge edges.

    The third stage: restore by the third-order cube.

    Limited to Baidu to know the length and layout, it is not convenient to post a large number of graphics here, I have a complete third-order Rubik’s cube tutorial here, I hope to help the subject.


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    EXE eBook version, available Read on a Widows computer.

    Photo version, which can be read on your phone or Apple computer.

    The above is purely personal opinion and is for reference only.

    Charles Lewis- July 17, 2018 |

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    You can practice

    Maria Ward- July 17, 2018 |