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How does the computer receive the data of the microcontroller?

Asked by: Raymond Moore 320 views Computer May 29, 2019

The data on the measuring instrument can only be read by u disk (only u disk can be used, the measuring instrument ubs is special), I now want the device to connect with the computer, the data on the device is sent directly to the computer.

No longer stored in the u disk, the computer reads it from the u disk. I want to send it directly to the computer

Ask my big brothers how to get it

2 Answers

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    If there is no better way for the ready-made instrument, you can only have the u disk first, and then need to copy the u disk to the computer.

    saber- May 28, 2019 |

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    Install a data receiver!

    Question: My friend said that the interface of this measuring instrument is quite special. After that, he made a virtual u disk and added a single-chip computer. Some of them are not very clear.
    I ask, is this data receiver ok? Can you recognize it?

    saber- May 28, 2019 |