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Win10 system installation itunes installer error, can not be installed

Asked by: Jose King 200 views Software June 7, 2019

1- Say the installer has an error before itunes are configured. An error occurred during installation and your system has not been modified.

2-The computer has never followed itunes before.

3 Answers

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    After uninstalling, download and reinstall from the official website. Try

    Jones- June 7, 2019 |

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    Delete the installer and reinstall it.

    Sharon- June 8, 2019 |

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    When we installed iTunes, there was an error in the installation program. I installed the high version of the software before. Now I have to install a little lower software. After several times, it will be rolled back after the installation is complete. Since I forgot the screenshot during the operation, the online download

    When the installation program appears incorrectly after the iTunes is configured, we click on the computer to start the right-page control-program- Delete or add a program

    I will uninstall all the tails with apple Inc. here, you can drag up and down to see if there are any omissions, and then re-install just download ITunes12.0 package

    There will be a problem with the reinstallation and it will be fixed and can be installed. I also read some tutorials on the Internet and found that it doesn’t work. Finally, I thought I should have not uninstalled it cleanly

    Lewis- June 8, 2019 |