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Does 3dsmax generate vraydepth must paste material?

Asked by: Frank Campbell 170 views IT June 10, 2019

Does 3dsmax generate vraydepth must paste material?

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    3dsmax’s vray renderer doesn’t have to use vray-specific materials to get the effect.

    The vray material is mainly better for the effect of high-light reflection and refraction caustics than the default renderer. For ordinary materials, the vray material is not necessarily better than other materials.

    For example, if you see a picture, you can add a picture file with a diffuse reflection of the standard material, which is not much different from the Vray material.

    The vray renderer does not work well with ray-tracing materials and building materials. Rendering these materials tends to go wrong. In this case, change the error material to vray material.

    Sandra Thomas- June 11, 2019 |