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How to deal with apex account

Asked by: Brian 216 views Internet June 18, 2019

I played apex as usual and suddenly showed that the account was banned. I just started the accelerator and nothing else. Suddenly it was sealed. They said that after the release, they will enter the goddess, how can I play with a normal player. . . Ask God to help me to lift it

Customer service call

2 Answers

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    Wait time to unpack itself, don’t think it will be solved in advance

    Amy- June 19, 2019 |

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    apex hero unpacking method:

    Uninstall some irrelevant plugins for improving games Or software or something, apex has a strict internal detection system, once triggered, it will detect your game abnormality, and then the title.

    First of all, we have to clean up our computer and download the anti-virus software to the application store to clean it up. It is best to clean it up to ensure the security of the computer game environment.

    To the official website of the game to make a page appeal, the page is basically in English, you need to translate it to understand, submit relevant evidence, the efficiency may be relatively low, waiting for the official customer service inspection.

    Ask the official hotline of the game to make a complaint, with some of your own game evidence. Obviously, the evidence is not easy to provide, just try it out.

    Re-opening the number, in view of the current player level is not very high, you can apply for a new account to play in time, remember not to destroy the game balance, otherwise not only the account is banned, but also lost the entertainment function of the game itself.

    Margaret- June 19, 2019 |