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How to compress the picture? My picture is in jpg and png format. I want to compress the volume. It is also best to support gif compression.

Asked by: Carol Brown 187 views Software June 18, 2019

How do you get jpg, png, and gif compression?

3 Answers

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    The specific compressed image method is as follows:

    1. Download and install the lightning picture compressor (download address: https://zip.sdpic.net/) and run it, click “+” in the middle of the software. number.

    2, select the image to be compressed, support multiple selection, click to open.

    3. Set the output directory and compression quality. The lower the compression quality, the smaller the compressed file, and then click to start compression.

    I hope to help you, welcome to like and pay attention, thank you.

    Marie Morgan- June 18, 2019 |

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    You can find a lot of image compression methods on the Internet. The compression of jpg and png formats is easier. The gif format is somewhat difficult. I have tried many methods before and become static images after compression. Later, I saw a tool in the Beaver’s Nest to compress the gif. I tried it, but I can, and I can also choose lossless compression for jpg and png. The effect is really good

    William Mitchell- June 18, 2019 |

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    Photoshop compressed photos! The pixel size can be modified!

    Cynthia Jones- June 18, 2019 |