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What specifications can I put on the ASUS F554L notebook with a memory stick?

Asked by: Morgan 216 views Hardware July 8, 2019

DDR3/DDR4, is there a recommendation?

2 Answers

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    ASUS F554L only supports DDR3 memory, and can add Kingston 4G DDR3L 1600 memory.

    Question: How many voltage specifications?

    Answer: DDR3L can be

    Answer: DDR3L is a low-voltage version, this book is also DDR3L, look for this on the line, do not study how much voltage.

    Question: Kingston DDR3 1600 4GB Notebook Memory System-Specified Memory Low-Voltage Edition

    Question: Looking for on Jingdong, can you?

    Answer: No problem

    Kenneth Williams- July 8, 2019 |

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    Memory capacity 4GB (4GBĂ—1) 

    Memory type DDR3L (low voltage version) 1600MHz

    Number of slots 2xSO-DIMM

    Strips of DDR3L


    Question: How many voltage specifications?

    Stephen Allen- July 8, 2019 |