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Fatal error how to solve steam

Asked by: Rebecca Wilson 208 views IT July 21, 2019

Fatal error how to solve steam

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    The steam fatal error occurs because the path is set to the Chinese path when installing steam, which causes the stam to be installed incorrectly. We just need to change the path again. The steps are as follows:
    Requires tools: computer, steam client
    1. Right click and click [Open File Location]. Second, as shown in the figure, when installing steam, it is indeed placed in the Chinese directory. Third, we will cut it to other English directories. 4. Click the right mouse button to select Cut and paste it into the User directory of the C drive. 5. Double-click the steam in the directory to re-download and install. 6. Wait patiently for the update installation. Seven, re-open after the installation is completed, as shown in the figure, the situation has disappeared, we successfully opened the steam.

    Question: Sorry, not this question, is the English path, thank you

    Mary- July 22, 2019 |