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Image is defective when using UG software

Asked by: Mitchell 246 views Software July 24, 2019

The image is not completely displayed. It is not the size suitable for the window.  The image is all displayed on the window. It is able to see a part. Some can not show the rotation when it is displayed.  Have you ever been like this? Solve 

2 Answers

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    I have encountered it before because of the integrated graphics card, other software is fine, it is like ug will be like this, generally the independent graphics card runs ug, there is a way to make the display normal, but the speed will be very slow, right on the desktop Click – Properties – Settings – Advanced – Troubleshooter, move one by one to the left, and move one to restart ug. Restart ug by moving one space and check if the display is normal and move to the normal position. This is the effect of turning off the graphics card, the performance of the graphics card will be reduced a lot, but this can diagnose whether it is a graphics card problem, hope to adopt  

    Steven Scott- July 24, 2019 |

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    graphics card problem can be solved by a separate graphics card

    Timothy Moore- July 24, 2019 |