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Apple 6s photo turns gray, what is going on?

Asked by: Kevin Allen 210 views Hardware July 28, 2019

Apple 6s photo turns gray, what is going on?

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    The graying is because the auto-optimized iphone space function is enabled, the photos are in the cloud, and the phone only keeps thumbnails locally.

    1. To turn it off, go to Settings > Photos &Cameras > Select Download &Keep Originals.

    2. Apple 6 comes with a more balanced exposure, so although it is a bit easier, but for some photos it is easy to cause underexposure and overexposure, we can slide up and down the screen, To change the exposure.

    3. Press and hold the shooting button, it will automatically enter continuous shooting, our mobile phone is digital zoom, so the lens should not be pulled too far, iphone comes with some filters, you can pass Three superimposed circles open.

    4. When shooting a panorama, because the lens is moving, it will cause a mixture of images, try to use your arm to drag.

    Peter- July 28, 2019 |