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What language is Snipaste developed?

Asked by: Carter 11 views IT August 9, 2019

Why are there a lot of PyQt5 stuff

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    View the website development language method:
    1) Use the tool to directly input the query
    Change the last domain name to the URL you want to know , the system will automatically analyze
    2) background language can be guessed by server type.
    In general, the server type can be seen through the Response Header.
    For example, IIS is generally http://ASP.NET.
    Tomcat, Resin, JBoss, generally Java.
    Nginx, not necessarily, is probably a scripting language like PHP or Python.
    3) The backend framework is harder to analyze, but you can try to analyze it in HTML code format, or URL.
    For example, the URL suffix is ​​do, and Java Struts may be used.
    URLs are generally index.php, but the latter parameters are different, so some template engines for PHP may be used.
    Of course, this analysis is not reliable, just a speculation.
    4) Find a way to contact the founder of the website, email or private letter.

    Jerry Phillips- August 9, 2019 |