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How to waterproof waterproof keyboard

Asked by: Ryan 196 views Computer August 10, 2019

How to waterproof waterproof keyboard

21 Answers

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    The keyboard’s keycaps are designed with a sealed waterproof membrane to prevent any liquid from leaking into the keyboard. To put it bluntly, a waterproof membrane is added.

    Stephen- August 10, 2019 |

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    Use waterproof keyboard

    Shirley Mitchell- August 10, 2019 |

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    to waterproof the electronic components on the keyboard

    Ann Williams- August 10, 2019 |

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    General water cannot pass

    Wood- August 10, 2019 |

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    is the seal is good.

    Catherine- August 10, 2019 |

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    The water drain keyboard is the leaky hole under the keyboard and the closed water will leak out, but the whole keyboard will be bad in the water.

    Gregory Carter- August 10, 2019 |

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    Is the waterproof keyboard washable?

    1, first of all, it has appeared on the market now. A variety of waterproof keyboards, but we don’t know how they are. Therefore, if you want to know if the waterproof keyboard can be washed, everyone should know more about it. There is no doubt that a fake waterproof keyboard can’t be washed.

    2, then, if you are buying a waterproof keyboard in a physical store, it is not impossible to immerse it directly in water. However, it should be noted that you only buy a waterproof keyboard, and it does not guarantee that it has 100% water-proof effect, so you should think twice before cleaning.

    3. Finally, whether it is a waterproof keyboard or a normal keyboard, everyone can clean it like this: with a non-pointing item, Remove the key caps on the keyboard and wash them in water. Next, you have to take down the PCB board in the keyboard, and then use a toothbrush to brush the inside of the keyboard. Just wait until all these things have been dried, and then you will be finished with the new installation.

    Second, how do you see if the keyboard is waterproof?

    Can the waterproof keyboard be washed? I believe everyone read it. After the content, I have learned everything! However, many people do not know how to look at the keyboard is waterproof? Please see the following analysis:

    1, see the evaluation article or product introduction how to test waterproof

    In general, each keyboard has a review article. Because most manufacturers will evaluate according to the actual water resistance of their products. Although there is some exaggerated performance on this evaluation sheet, the overall is not too outrageous, so you can use this method to look at the waterproof level of the keyboard.

    2.Look at the evaluation

    Before you buy the keyboard, you can check it out on the mainstream e-commerce platform. The evaluation of it. However, everyone should not be too hasty when looking at the user’s evaluation. Because there are often some bad reviews at the end. And everyone is better to look at the user’s review, to judge the quality of the brand keyboard.

    3. Look at the waterproof logo

    In fact, the keyboard with real waterproof function will not retreat to the display. For example, Tien’s Pharaoh’s Eagle directly stated the waterproof level on its logo: IP68 (dust-proof 6 and waterproof 8). And this identification method is the easiest at present!

    Susan Evans- August 10, 2019 |

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    Waterproof is waterproof splash, a lot of water can’t be prevented

    Robert Young- August 10, 2019 |

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    Well, it is better to seal the outer shell

    Joyce Anderson- August 10, 2019 |

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    Waterproof is mainly a good point of closure, will not let the water go into

    Catherine Allen- August 11, 2019 |

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    Waterproof is just a good seal, not afraid of water, it is generally splashed with water, it is definitely not in the water.

    Kevin White- August 11, 2019 |

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    The sealing is better

    Scott Hughes- August 11, 2019 |

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    Life Waterproof can be done

    Anna- August 11, 2019 |

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    You can reverse the keyboard and see a few holes in the

    Jose Brown- August 11, 2019 |

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    Waterproof keyboard is a bee treatment on the circuit to prevent splashing Causes a short circuit. However, most of them cannot be absolutely waterproof and should not be used in water.

    Answer: “Bees” changed to “Sealed”.

    Hall- August 11, 2019 |

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    Splashing water can not soak water

    Lewis- August 11, 2019 |

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    Waterproof keyboard is better for sealing the circuit board and buttons

    Helen- August 11, 2019 |

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    This has been processed, water can not easily enter the keyboard

    Harris- August 11, 2019 |

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    Waterproof keyboard is originally waterproof, it is waterproof by sealing the electronic components on the keyboard!

    Charles Moore- August 11, 2019 |

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    The interface is specially treated. Generally, water cannot pass

    Daniel Allen- August 11, 2019 |

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    waterproof keyboard, mainly to prevent accidents, such as drink sprinkling. On the keyboard without causing keyboard damage.

    Jones- August 11, 2019 |