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The frequency of the GALAXY memory is incorrect.

Asked by: Jones 196 views Hardware August 13, 2019

The memory stick should be 3000 frequency. Actually only 2133 is written on the box is 3000  CPU is 2600. The motherboard is Gigabyte's b450m

3 Answers

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    To open XMP and so on, Intel’s XMP, AMD forgot to call. In fact, this high-frequency memory can be understood as safe overclocking to 3000MHz, and the frequency is still 2133.

    Answer: In the BIOS, M.I.T. (Frequency/Voltage Control), Advanced CPU Core Settings, Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P.).
    Turning on this option BIOS can read SPD data of XMP specification memory, which can enhance memory performance.
    ?Disabled turns off this feature. (default value)
    ?Profile1 sets the combination one.
    ?Profile2 (Note 2) Set combination two.
    (Note 2) This option is only available for CPUs and memory modules that support this feature.

    Joyce Robinson- August 14, 2019 |

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    When you look at the CPU-Z, you will know~~~

    Answer: Also look at the XMP of the motherboard. This does not open

    Ronald- August 14, 2019 |

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    Use the test software to let the CPU run at full load and see the frequency

    Shirley Williams- August 14, 2019 |