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This is the mobile phone battery drum, but also just a simple mobile phone degumming

Asked by: Walter Moore 164 views Phone & Tablet August 23, 2019

This is the mobile phone battery drum, but also just a simple mobile phone degumming

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    Behavior of cell phone battery, hazard and prevention and solution
    Behavior, hazard, prevention and solution of cell phone battery fever Cell phone battery fever is a phenomenon we often encounter in mobile phone use. Basically, 90% of mobile phones will be hot after a long conversation, and even the phone will get hot.
    The reason why the battery is hot:
    The power consumption of the mobile phone during standby is very small, that is to say, the equivalent load resistance of the battery is large, so the discharge current is small, so the battery does not generate heat, and the battery power The internal consumption is small.
    The power consumption of the mobile phone when it is waiting to talk or use MP3 is very large, that is to say, its battery has a small equivalent load resistance and is discharged with a large current during operation. After the battery is discharged, the internal resistance increases. However, the current required for the operation of the mobile phone cannot be reduced. Then, a considerable part of the energy is consumed on the internal resistance of the battery, causing the battery to heat up and accelerate the discharge. The time of use is also shortened very quickly.
    Hazard of mobile phone battery heating:
    1. Long-term fever of mobile phone battery will cause the internal parts of the mobile phone to heat up, so that the mobile phone restarts or hangs up the phone during the call
    2. The mobile phone battery will heat up for a long time. The heat of the battery itself is increased. If it is sealed (NOKIA is not sealed, the battery is directly charged), the battery will cause the internal air to expand rapidly, causing the battery to protrude outside, which will seriously cause the battery to explode. .
    3. The long-term heating of the mobile phone battery will accelerate the aging process of the mobile phone itself and shorten its life. Mobile phone battery fever causes, harm and prevention and solutions 2
    Mobile phone battery fever prevention and solution:
    1. Prevention method:
    1. When the mobile phone is at normal room temperature, the fever does not exceed 60 °C is normal The phenomenon is that it will not damage the battery.
    2. The use of high current charger time should not be too long, too long charging will damage the battery, but also generate heat.
    3. Charger is best to use original or good quality products.
    4. If you are not eager to use, it is recommended to charge the charger (slow charge mode) as well, so as not to make the battery hot.
    5. If you use your mobile phone to listen to MP3 or charge the battery, feel the phone is a little hot. If it exceeds 60 °C, immediately return to the standby state or use the replacement battery. If the battery is charged, immediately unplug the charger.
    2. Solution:
    1. If the mobile phone battery has been charged, There are also ways to solve it. Just use your finger to find the gap of the battery first (the back of the phone battery is close to the charging electrode of the phone, press it to a little soft place), use a small hole to poke a hole, let the air inside run out.
    2. Throw Also buy a battery.

    George- August 23, 2019 |

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    This may still be a problem with the mobile phone battery. It is recommended to consult the mobile phone shop

    Frank Green- August 23, 2019 |

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    Battery drum kit

    Amy Edwards- August 23, 2019 |

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    It’s obvious that the drum kit is

    Andrew Roberts- August 23, 2019 |

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    The phone battery is aging, dangerous! Hurry to the after-sales service to change the battery.

    Robert- August 23, 2019 |

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    It should be a battery problem, change it.

    Brenda Green- August 24, 2019 |