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Take a look at this computer configuration. What is missing from the accessories?

Asked by: Elizabeth 156 views Computer August 29, 2019

Look at the compatibility issue. What are the accessories? If you buy it, you can play it. And this set of configuration how the same price evaluation 5,000 yuan does not count the chassis is not counted as a monitor. What can be improved at the same price gx500t pink chassis game 悍 144hz 23.6 inch big sickle red rabbit horse single fan MSI b360m mortar i5 9400 piece Kingston hacker god 16g ddr4 2400 Western data blue disk 250gm.2 solid state hard disk power supply hangjia jumper500w White card Ming 瑄 Terminator E-sports heart 6g three fans

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    The configuration is quite balanced, no problem. Is the memory to be replaced by DDR4 2666, the higher the price is similar.

    Question: Thank you for buying this! ! The power of the power supply is enough

    Joseph- August 29, 2019 |