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Notebook shell can not change

Asked by: Michelle Clark 240 views Computer October 10, 2019

Notebook shell can not change

21 Answers

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    notebook shell a kind of a model, the internal structure of how much will be different, so only a few models you can buy housing on the market, then that is to buy after-sales, after-sales as long as not too long discontinued models of housing They are commercially available.
    Since the housing of the notebook are basically identical replacement mode, follow these steps:
    1, the first step to find the buckle laptop.
    2, and then press the snap, push forward on the housing of the removed.
    3, then put the shell want to change, and push up after setting up. It is fitted.
    replacement laptop case need to buy a suitable housing for replacement.

    Andrew Williams- October 10, 2019 |

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    Yes, but personally feel no need

    Amanda Jones- October 10, 2019 |

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    shell can be replaced

    Thompson- October 10, 2019 |

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    can change, as long as the right size

    Dennis- October 10, 2019 |

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    certainly can, but you need good, not a shell are suitable for you in this one model of computer.

    Cynthia- October 10, 2019 |

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    can change. Do not recommend you change

    Kevin Adams- October 10, 2019 |

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    must be able to, but it is not difficult to change

    Ryan Turner- October 10, 2019 |

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    can not be traded involving very professional service, you’d better ask Quguan repair

    Susan Wood- October 11, 2019 |

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    only for the same type shell

    Gary Martin- October 11, 2019 |

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    no problem can also, but the price is more expensive.

    Williams- October 11, 2019 |

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    should be able to find after-sales change.

    Jeffrey Cook- October 11, 2019 |

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    Well, this is the official website generally corresponding shell accessories

    John Brown- October 11, 2019 |

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    Oh, almost is not possible. Since the housing manufacturers have only. Unless you come from the old, bad removed.

    Walter Lee- October 11, 2019 |

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    can change the course, the same paragraph

    Roberts- October 11, 2019 |

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    This can be replaced.

    Sharon Jones- October 11, 2019 |

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    is best to consult your dealer or customer service

    Lisa Hughes- October 11, 2019 |

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    can be replaced

    Thomas- October 11, 2019 |

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    money can change

    Douglas- October 12, 2019 |

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    laptop can take a look at the general recommendations to the sale!

    Ruth Taylor- October 12, 2019 |

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    can be replaced, but the model needs to match

    Dennis Turner- October 12, 2019 |

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    If you have a fitting word can be replaced

    Allen- October 12, 2019 |