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Composition Principle memory problems

Asked by: Sandra Wood 202 views Hardware November 2, 2019

The following statement is correct ().

A. SRAM memory technologies to improve the speed of the computer.

B. If the main memory consists of two parts consisting of a ROM and a RAM capacity of 2 ^ n, respectively, and 2 ^ m, the address of the main memory requires a total n + m bits.

C. Flash memory is a high-density, nonvolatile read / write semiconductor memory.

D. Access time is the minimum time required to read two consecutive intervals.

The correct answer is C, give the wrong option error cause trouble

1 Answers

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    b, 2 ^ (m + n) = 2 ^ m * 2 ^ n and 2 ^ m + 2 ^ n not the same thing.

    c, indeed past Flash EPROM read-only, write, then UV irradiation time required in order to write. Due to advances in technology, modern flash memory has a fast read and write.

    The correct answer simply because the relevant knowledge too old.

    Dorothy Adams- November 2, 2019 |